Landscaping Services

Looking for an experienced local landscaper? Let ‘R Buck offers residential and commercial landscaping services in Laramie, WY

Professional landscaping services in Laramie:

Mulch beds

Flower Beds

Landscape Rocks

Artificial pet turf

Retaining walls





landscaping services complete in yard with rock and western scene in Laramie, WY

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We can design your ideal landscape and install a wide variety of softscape and hardscape features.

Discover the Benefits of Hydroseeding

Struggling to grow a gorgeous lawn? We can help. Let ‘R Buck Lawn and Landscaping provides hydroseeding services. Hydroseeding is a planting process that uses a combination of water, fertilizer, seeds and mulch to grow healthy, green grass. It’s a popular seeding technique because:

excellent sod workmanship at University of Wyoming

It works quickly

Provides rapid erosion control

Laramie, WY house with beautiful lawn care

Creates thick, uniform lawns